Care Instructions - Picnic Rug / Woven Throw

Caring for your Picnic Rug / Woven Throw:

Wherever possible, we recommend spot cleaning in the first instance. However, if necessary to wash then hand wash in cold, soapy water or cold machine wash on a delicate cycle only. Hang to air dry. Please do not use harsh detergents or fabric softeners. Please do not soak, bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron.

It is normal to see a 10% shrinkage post wash, but it will expand in size again after use. The yarn is dyed not printed, this means your rug will not fade in colour when washed. They yarn gets softer after each wash.

Minimise contact on rough surfaces and avoid sharp objects to prevent pulls.Β 

Shake dirt off instead. Please do not vacuum to avoid the threads being pulled.

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