Our Charities

Fred Hollows Foundation

Helps restore sight in Indigenous Australians.

Impact: $25 = improves Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health.

Greening Australia

Restore the land. Replant our natural habitat.

Impact: $50 = plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.

Seabin Project

Clean our sea and harbors from plastic ocean waste.

Impact: $1 = removes 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea.

We believe it is crucial to give back to our communities, our lands and our seas.

Our life mantra and mission is to help you live your best life, wherever you may go. This means providing you the opportunity to become the best version of yourself by empowering you to make a difference. More than just a brand, our mission extends further than our range of products. That is why we have proudly partnered with social enterprise, i=Change to play our part in the purchase-with-purpose movement,ย with a committed donation of $1 for every online order to a charity of your choice.ย 

We feel that it is so important to use our platform from Day 1 of trading to help make a positive difference.ย We have chosen three causes that are so worthy and close to hearts.

As a family, we feel we are our best selves when out amongst nature, whether it be swimming at the beach, picnicking, camping or foraging for mushrooms. We strongly believe in protecting our lands and our oceans, not only for us but for the future generations.

Our family culture is deeply connected to the traditional lands on which we operate on, Kaurna land. Our Nana Betty lived out the majority of her adult life in blindness. We strongly believe that vision is the most important sense to the human body and to improve or restore oneโ€™s sight would be life changing.

i=Change has a policy of full transparency so you are guaranteed that your donation reaches the charity in full.ย 

You can track our impact here.

Our life mantra is to
โ€œlive your best life wherever
you may go."

We curate luxe essential pieces that are mindfully and meticulously created. We are home to exclusive design and bohemian inspired, timeless patterns. This is where versatility meets sustainability. Multiple uses, yet aesthetically pleasing to uplift your home as a decorative piece or to accompany you on your next outdoor adventure, whether it be on grass, sand, dirt or van life. Picnic Mantra aims to inspire you to create elevated, long lasting memories while living your best life wherever you may go.